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Offer Letter to Staff Personnel

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Offer Letter: Staff

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Mary A. Jones
123 Main Street
Town, State, Zip

Dear Mary,

On behalf of ABC Hospital, I am pleased to offer you the full time position of Director, Education/Workforce Development. Tentatively, your start date is scheduled for Monday, January 12, 2009.

In this position your salary, less regular deductions and withholdings, will be paid weekly at the rate of $44.24 per hour, annualized rate of $92,000. Also included in this offer is a sign on bonus of $3,000 payable in two installments of $1500.00. The first installment paid with your first payroll check and the second six months after your starting date.

At ABC Hospital your total pay is more than just your salary. You will be eligible to participate in a comprehensive benefits package.

Prior to your start date, you will be scheduled for a pre-employment examination at XYZ Medical Center, 123 Center Street, Town, State.

You will be required to attend New Employee Orientation, Monday, January 12, 2009. The program begins at 8:0AM in the Human Resources Office, classroom 5, located on the 3rd floor. Suitable business attire is expected.

As is customary, our offer is contingent upon a review of your background investigation and pre-employment medical examination.

Please acknowledge your acceptance of this offer by signing below and returning it to Human Resources. If you have any questions, please so not hesitate to contact me at 573-6266.


John B. Smith, MBA
Director, Human Resources

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