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Career Resource Center

Welcome to the "job search"! Whether you have been thrust into a job search by a corporate decision or if you have determined that it's time to make a change, you are going to be making vitally important strategic and tactical decisions throughout the search process.

We have developed the Career Resource Center to assist you with practical information and tools to assist you throughout the job search process.

Our guide is designed to help you:

Craft a resume that highlights your most impressive accomplishments in a format that immediately captures attention and presents an overview of a highly qualified professional.

Thoroughly prepare you for the interview through a strategy designed to market your skills and abilities.

Present yourself during the interview in a manner that clearly communicates and convincingly demonstrates your unique value.

Respond to those difficult interview questions that most candidates struggle with, and ask the interviewer questions that will demonstrate your ability to fit the position requirements.

Successfully conclude the interview and implement key post interview strategies including follow up letters that reinforce your candidacy.

Evaluate all components of an offer and its value to effectively negotiate the best possible compensation package. 
The Career Resource Center provides you with an easy-to-use format to help you succeed. We break down each phase of your interview to allow you to be effective.
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Pre-Search Preperation
Searching for a Job
Working with Recruiters
Researching Organizations
Your Resume
Cover Letters
Resume Follow-Up
Interview Preperation
Acing the Interview
Answering Questions
Closing the Interview
After the Interview
Different Interview Types
The Offer
Giving Notice
Getting off to a Successful Start

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