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Resume Follow-Up

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Resume Follow-up

Following up
Follow up within one to two weeks of sending a resume and cover letter and ask for an interview. This is best accomplished by a phone call. Nothing can happen if you don’t get together face to face- your most important objective is to secure the interview. Once you get that interview, remember that no matter what, you want to get the job offer. No questions about salary, vacation, benefits or bonuses until after you have interviewed and they extend you an offer.

Dealing with rejection
If you have been turned down once at a company, don’t give up. You will likely find a better fit with another position. Sometimes it is an advantage if you have cultivated contacts during your past interviewing experiences. Look at things in a positive light, as most hiring managers would say it is not personal. Be sure to send a thank-you note after being rejected. You will end things on a good note and that could come into good use in the future. Learn from your mistakes and prepare yourself better for the next opportunity. If you feel comfortable enough, you can always ask for feedback to get some useful information.

You can have a flawless resume, skillfully crafted cover letter and look like the perfect candidate, but you also need the right attitude. Be prepared and know your resume inside out: dates, facts, figures, strengths, weaknesses, and expertise. Most of all, know how they apply to the job you want and how to best communicate that with your interviewer!

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