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Searching for a Job

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Searching for a Job

Responding to an ad/posting:

Once you identify a job that you’re interested in, set up a folder, resume and cover letter for that company with your materials. Follow the directions to the letter on how they want to receive your application or your name may never get to the hiring manager. Pay close attention to the job skills and language that are relevant to the position. Before you send any resumes/cover letters, it is important for you to devise a system of keeping track of what you sent to whom and when. It is critical to know what you said in a particular cover letter and to be able to follow up with accuracy. You should have a method that allows you to take further action on a timely basis.

If you don’t know the name of the hiring manager, a little investigating can go a long way. If you see the name of the company, but no hiring manager, call and find out who that person is. Also, using a mutual contact is a great way to get the interest of the reader. Always address your cover letter to a person, preferably the hiring manager.

Position description analysis
To effectively respond to a job posting or advertisement, it is imperative to carefully dissect and analyze the description to maximize your impact. When you find a position which interests you, separate out each of the following:

  • Qualifications
  • Skills & abilities
  • Career experiences
  • Education levels
  • Licensures/certifications
  • Keywords or phrases

Targeting companies with no specific opening in mind:

Identify your short list
If you are an experienced professional and know your desired criteria for the perfect company and position, write this down. List the attributes your ideal employer would have, such as size, industry and location. This strategy includes finding five to ten targets, and building a network inside each company so you know when a need arises before it is posted publicly. This more patient, company-centered strategy can help a candidate stand out from those who spend most of their time going about job searching the traditional way. This works well if you are very focused.

Diversify your network
Join associations, network, work with recruiters and attend healthcare conferences. The more avenues you open to your search, the more likely you will connect with the employers you are looking for. Don’t forget to let people know you are looking- a friend of a friend can provide a lead or a valuable connection. Increase your circle of contacts by performing community service, taking a temporary job, or participating in groups or associations.

Be creative
The more creative you become with your job search, the more you will enjoy it. Think of ways to talk to and interact with people in companies that you are targeting. Join associations or clubs with people that work in your niche. Learning about what you want to do and where you want to be will help you feel much more prepared when the time comes for interviews. Always build your network and recognize that each person you meet has value- they may know somebody who will open the perfect door for your career. Become a student and stay abreast of industry trends.

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